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In developing the multi-award winning Kingspan Light House, the UK & Irelands first Zero-Carbon and Code for Sustainable Homes Level Six house, Kingspan Century identified areas of the process that would benefit from a more integrated and holistic approach. As a result, Kingspan Century has launched a ‘Code for Sustainable Homes Assurance Scheme’ to ensure their customers buildings achieve the desired Code levels.

The Kingspan Century Code for Sustainable Homes Assurance Scheme employs the company’s detailed knowledge of how to meet the demands of the Code, offering support from pre-design stage, incorporating aspects such as:

  • Fabric and renewable specification;
  • Design stage Code assessment;
  • Pre- and/or post-completion airleakage testing;
  • Post-completion Code assessment; and
  • Post-completion Code certification.

The aim of the Kingspan Century Code for Sustainable Homes Assurance Scheme is to disseminate the company’s working knowledge of meeting the demands of the Code. The bespoke service could prove crucial to organisations looking to achieve a specific level when building new properties.

Kingspan Century’s first hand experience of meeting the Code requirements was developed through creating the first Level 6 home, the Kingspan Lighthouse, at BRE’s Innovation Park in Watford.

The scheme offers a service from pre-design stage and addresses all areas of the Code, incorporating aspects such as air-tightness, waste recovery levels and CO2 emissions. Support can be provided through the design, construction and post-construction stages, including the post-completion certification process.

The scheme is managed by a specially created ‘Building Performance Services Team’, comprising key team members behind the Kingspan Lighthouse project.

The level of service provided by the team will be assessed according to each individual project, with the service offering face to face meetings, site visits, telephone advice and literature created to guide organisations through the process of meeting the Code requirements, step by step.

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